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About Gardens Forever

Connie RomeroGardens Forever™ is the brainchild of Connie Romero, a lifelong, devoted gardener. Connie cares deeply about growing plants in a way that's consistent with permaculture principles, using organic fertilizer and natural pest control whenever it's practical. She provides consulting services for homes, businesses and institutions nationwide. Connie can consult with you on everything from landscape design to clean-up, planting, maintenance, watering and pruning.

Connie can also help you reduce water usage. Great xeriscaping doesn't mean covering your entire yard with rocks. Many beautiful plants thrive with only a little watering.

Her whole life, Connie has been growing flowers, shrubs, vegetables, herbs and fruits, while studying methods to create and maintain glorious gardens. She has experience working in a great variety of ecosystems, from the South to the Midwest to the high deserts and mountains of the West. Gardens Forever™ has the expertise so that you can get everything done the right way.

Connie is devoted to the practice of permaculture, a branch of ecological design which seeks to create sustainable and self-maintained agricultural systems modeled from real world, successful natural ecosystems. Permaculture design expresses our need for all life systems to continue and multiply. The central concept of permaculture is maximizing useful connections between components, and synergy of the final design. Learn more about this topic on the Gardens Foreverpermaculture page.

Connie can teach you how to care for your own garden, flowers, shrubs, trees, herbs, fruits and vegetables. Her lifetime of experience enables her to show you the proper techniques for maintaining and caring for your gorgeous organic landscapes.

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