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Landscaping Design Services

Click to enlargeGardens Forever™ provides professional landscape design. We'll bring your garden and landscape design ideas to life, using the latest advances in 3D design technology. We can plan and visualize your garden and landscape including yards, gardens, ponds, patios and more. Our design library includes over 5,000 highly detailed plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables, fruits, herbs, water gardens, cactus, rocks and more.

Click to enlarge We can create your design over a photo of your property, or totally in 3D. You can view your gardens in realistic 3D using a realtime walkthrough feature, and discover which plants fall under shadow throughout the day. Our plant growth tool can predict how your landscape will look in the future, anywhere from three months to more than 20 years. This is a good way to determine spacing and other size considerations when laying out your landscape. Using the plant growth tool, you can get a better idea of how large your plants will become as they mature.

Remote consultation: Wherever you are, we can use Skype or Facetime to video conference, tour your property and evaluate your landscape's special circumstances.

Irrigation: We can plan the placement of your sprinklers, determine the number of heads needed, lay out all piping, and design the other aspects of your irrigation system. Call Connie Romero today, (719) 433-9209.

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